Exhibitions presented in the South

When Science Speak Arabic

It is in Algeria since April 2oo7.
Presented in Constantine & Setif, it will be in Annaba before Summer.
Ahmed Djebbar has given 2 lectures in April.
It will be presented in other towns of Algeria in Automn 2oo7.
First reportings <--
Contacts : French Culturel Centre <-- and Mentouri University of Constantine.

It was presented in Morocco in 2oo6,
in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrein, Oman, Yemen, Kaboul & Koweit,
in Jordan, Lebanon, in Palestinian Territories, Riyad and in les Arab Emirates.
In France, it was in Marseille, Orléans & Blois…

The World Year of Physics in 2oo7

Other exhibitions circulate in South countries:

Little Mosaic of Physics <--

One copie is in Morocco until July 2oo6 (Oujda, Nador, Kenitra, Khouribga, Rabat)
Another is in Middle Est and in West Afrika (Dakar, Saint-Louis)
It was presented in Algeria until December, 2oo6. From Constantine to Oran, more than 12 cities are going to welcome it.
But also in Iran, Turkey, Libano & Tchequie.

Grains Games, heaps of sand and avalanches <--

It will be in Algeria in 2oo8•
It was presentedin 2oo6 in Johannesburg, Windhoek for the 1st African Exposcience.
In 2oo5, it was in Morocco (Oujda, Meknes, Rabat, Kenitra & Casablanca)
where it meets a very deep success with youth and teachers,
in Djibouti in November-December

Let us quote still:

The sky of Babylon

It has circulated in the Middle East for 18 months
After Bahrein and Quatar,Lebanon (8 towns welcome it)
Koweit and Oman, in Palestinian Territories (5 towns)....

Experiencing mathematics <--

It is presented since one year in Asia : in Singapore in July-August, after Cambodia, Bangkok, Laos & Vietnam.
It was in Lebanon from February to April 2oo7.
This summer, it will be presented in Basle for Euler2oo7 year, Varsovia & Kracovia (June)
In 2oo6, it was presented in Madrid for the Fields’ medal congress and Lyon.
In 2oo5 : South Africa (6 towns), Mozambique and Namibia (12 towns!),

Colloquiums and lectures

1st Physic Congress « North-South » <--

April 2oo7 in Oujda University, 1st summary -> <--
Theme: How to teach Physic, performs research and manages physic programmes centred on the relations between man and his environment in South countries.

See also the reports of:

The Mediterranean Sea: Sharing of knowledge <--

Casablanca (Morocco) in 2oo5
Conference organized by the AFAS (French association for the Promotion of Sciences)